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Released June 8, 2010 for Rock Band
Green Day: Rock Band Import
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Genre: Rock
Album: American Idiot (2004)

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Fun, above-average chordfest Madotsuki
For a mostly acoustic and chordy song, this song is actually alot of fun, and is has a very entertaining rhythm and an great chart that is thankfully charted quite well.

When I first played this awhile back I was afraid that the intro would be poorly charted, especially since its a guitar played with an obvious tremelo effect. This intro is thankfully charted as some fast consistent 2-note chords that are easy to play, until the acoustic guitar comes in, where you start playing smooth 3-note chords and some short 3-note chord sustains with single-notes in-between, and you stop playing the acoustic guitar part at alot of points to take over the lead guitar and play single-note sustains and a few quick HO/POs, and then you go back to the chords or a different section.

The choruses are a bit different, you play some consistent 2-note chords with a single-note in-between each switch between chords.

Theres a solo that repeats twice in the song, the second time being a bit shorter. You play some fast single-notes with some HO/POs that isn't too hard to FC, but is probably the only part in the song you should mess up.

The outro is mostly alot of single-note sustains and a few 2-note chord sustains.

Overall, this song is alot of fun with plenty of entertaining sections which, all together, makes for a very fun guitar chart.
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