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Released February 5, 2009 for Rock Band
Thin Lizzy 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Still Dangerous - Live At the Tower Theatre Philad (1977)

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Keep On Shufflin' Karmeleaux
I used to think this was a really awesome bass, but I guess my opinion has changed with time.

It's still an awesome bass. But the verse rhythm is a standard shuffle that just switches frets in a predictable pattern, and the chorus rhythm is also a shuffle, although with some more strums thrown in there and some HO/POs (which are a blast).

But frankly it gets kinda repetitive. However, it soon redeems itself in the guitar solo, which moves around the fretboard a great deal with HO/POs and is quite similar to Flirtin' with Disaster's bass in playstyle (read: fun fun fun).

But that's really the only part that feels like it would be fun for everyone, and the verse rhythm could easily drive some people to their knees in boredom from repetition. So it's not for everyone there.

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