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Released February 1, 2011 for Rock Band
London Calling
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Genre: Punk
Album: London Calling (1979)

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Great rhythm, very entertaining guitar chart Madotsuki
I've been putting off buying this for quite awhile, its one of my favorite songs off of 'London Calling', but everytime I would go to buy it, I'd think of something else, but now that I finally went ahead and picked it up, I'm glad I've finally got it. Its thankfully got a pretty great guitar chart, and is pretty diverse and doesn't stay the same very often.

The song starts with the main riff, however it appears more often in the outro than in the main parts of the song. The main riff is a single-note progression that quickly climbs up the fretboard then jumps back down and repeats.

In alot of other sections you play a number of riffs, sometimes you're doing 2-note chords with single-notes at a rockabilly-style rhythm, or some single-notes and quick sustains, among other things. The chart is fairly deverse, and although its not insane with HO/POs or anything too difficult besides some alt-strumming that may be necessary, its still quite interesting.

Overall, this chart is pretty diverse, has a great, fun, rhythm, and is all together, a very entertaining chart. Definitely recommend if you like the song.
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