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Released October 23, 2013 for Rocksmith

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Gold Motel (2012)

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Gold Enough. Like, At Least For Silver. Karmeleaux
Major Techniques: Scale Runs, Slides
Minor Techniques: Dead Notes, Hammer-Ons/Pull-Offs

A pretty fun song built largely around one rhythm with notes added and removed to change its sound and feel, as well as a recurring (pretty large though not terribly fast) scale run that should be somewhat challenging to fairly enjoyable depending how much experience one has with the bass.

Education Value: 8/10
-Indie Rock music tends to either have a very stripped down sound or some unusual patterns to give a song a distinctive sound. Luckily, as we're going to be playing along here, this one leans more towards the latter. Most of the song is built around a single pattern, but the full riff is fairly involved while the verses are built around a very barebones version, focusing on adding most variation through slides. The long scale runs towards the end of the chorus are of course very fertile soil to learn from and edit for yourself, and this song does a good job of throwing in minor variations that ideally should inspire any bassist to learn how the simple addition of a single note (even dead notes) can change the sound and feel of a section.

Entertainment Value: 7/10
-It's fun, it's worth recommending to people to play, but I can understand the verses being too stripped down for some people and making playing the whole song less appealing as a result. Still, the early verses afford space for one to put in their own touches if they want, while later verses include variations in the recording where the blank spaces previously were. Due to the bass part going into a double time feel during the scales, this is a difficult one for people to start out singing and playing. I mean that scale is just kinda tough even without singing, but should be fun if you can nail it. It's worth checking out, but understand going in that it's not perfect.
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