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Released February 5, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Spectacular! Music from the Nickelodeon Original M (2009)

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Fallout Phoenix
Strip away the fact that this is a super teen bopper anthem about love and that it's related to Nickelodeon and you
got yourself a great bassline.

Seriously it's fun, HO/PO are your introduction to the song and then it goes across the fret board with the notes
you're later introduced into this difficult (yes difficult) bass solo, so to speak. It's not a challenge for masters of
bass but it's challenging and fun and in the end that's all that matters

For 99 cents this is a sweet deal

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Fallout Phoenix
Okay, okay! Juvenile lyrics are what this song is built on but it's actually a nice vocal track, assuming you're not
embarrassed to sing the scrolling words this is definitely worth your dollar especially if you play guitar/bass

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