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Released October 23, 2008 for Rock Band
Nirvana 01
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Nevermind (1991)

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AverageRocker90 - "Am I'm the only one notice how loud the bass track for this ..." -- Read more
A Riff Too Far Karmeleaux
This is one of those songs where I feel I'm being a bit unfair, I feel like I could really get into this riff on real bass.

But well, I'm not playing real bass. I'm playing notes on a highway, and more accurately, I'm playing the same few notes on a highway, again and again.

The riff (especially the slide) undeniably sounds awesome during the intro, and really grabs your attention. However, it's the verse rhythm, and you keep seeing it again and again. It's one of two rhythms in the song, and the more prominent one.

Furthermore, the other rhythm is the chorus rhythm, which doesn't come up much, is short, and just plays along with guitar. There's a solo, but on bass you're playing the verse rhythm, unfortunately.

While the role of bass is prominent in this song, it's not a fun role to play. Only extremely patient people will still be enjoying themselves by the end, and even then they could find more enjoyment in another song. Beware.

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This is truly a great song to play on guitar. Probably the best guitar song to come out this week.

The song starts with one of the more fun riffs in recent memory. The rest of the song pretty much only alternates between this riff and other power-chord switches, but that doesnt make it any less fun. Also, the solo, while simple in nature, is incredibly addictive.

The solo consists of a couple notes, then alt strumming, then a few more notes, then more alt strumming, then a few more notes, and even more alt strumming. Its incredibly simple, but I want to keep playing, and I cant explain why.

This song shouldnt be as fun as it is. Its repetitive, fairly simple (over tier'd, to be sure), and the guitar chart is just average. But its incredibly fun to play, and you want to keep playing this song. This one will be in my created setlists for a good amount of time down the road.

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