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Released August 9, 2011 for Rock Band
Def Leppard 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: High 'n' Dry (1981)

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Fun, Active, and Accessable Bront
I don't consider myself to be a very good drummer, and find it's hit or miss around tier 4 (3 dot) for what I can play on expert, but I found this chart both challenging and accessible.

The chart itself isn't extremely elaborate. There's a cymbal roll near the beginning, and there's a lot of varied kick pedal work in this song (particularly in the chorus). You get a few interesting fills, a few sections where you bounce back and forth between the blue and green cymbals, and an alternating hand/foot section (Drum, kick, drum, kick, etc). Despite having some tough sections and some regular combo killers for your more average drummers, the song isn't too tough, with enough hittable notes for lesser drummers to stay in the game, making the chart accessible despite it's challenge.

Now, I love this song (more so since I've been playing it), and it will probably make it into my regular drumming rotation for a while, because it's that much fun, and the kick work is good practice. This popular older song is perfect for parties (along with most of the Def Leopard pack). If you want to cherry pick, this is the song to snag in my opinion, but get the pack.
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Bring it on! Bront
This was my favorite song in the Def Leopard pack on guitar, despite it being the easiest. It's a good mix of things, there's a lot of movement and not a lot of repetition. It's got 2 very fun solos, and it's a very accessible chart, which means that folks learning Expert will have a good shot of passing it, while folks who excel can still find something fun without being bored, and only the best will manage a sight read FC.

Beyond that, the song is awesome and well known, making it a good party song. I think my only complaint about it is that the guitar seems a bit heavier than in the other songs in the pack, so it drowns out the vocals a bit more than happens in the other songs when playing solo guitar, but it's a minor issue. If I only were to snag one song out of the pack, this would be it (but get the whole pack, it's a lot of fun on guitar).
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