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Released March 26, 2009 for Rock Band
Ten Bonus
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Ten (Reissue) (2009)

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Pearl Jam can still make a great song. Chavez669
This tune is a great song overall, and has fun charting for all the instruments. I particularly enjoy the guitar and drum parts and my vox player finds this song alot of fun to sing.

The drums are fun in a active, but not overly difficult manner. There is good variety of pattern, and the flow of the beats across the various pads is very natural feeling. It get's more complicated towards the end, but never get's so difficult that a normal expert player should feel concerned.

I was overall all dissappointed by the newer Pearl Jam, but this bonus song on to their greatest album fits right in as a true Pearl Jam gem. Get it if you play drums, vox or guitar for sure, I can't speak for the bass part.
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