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Released August 3, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop/Dance/Electronic
Album: La Roux (2009)

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Not guitar but still really fun! RBAddict666
You may be thinking "this song doesn't have guitar" and wondering why this is Tier 5. Well hold that thought because what they chart in this song is quite tricky but very fun to play.

The song starts off with a simple chord section with some single notes to pluck. After this is a section with hammer-on triplets which are blast to tap. These are easy to hit if you hold down the lower fret with one finger and tap the higher notes with one of your other fingers.

Next is the chorus which consists of double 3-note chords followed by another chord section containing chord hammer-ons. After that, is the very fun triplet section again followed by the chord part which you played at the start going into the chorus with the double 3-note chords.

After a tricky hammer-on part are some simple chord sustains which is followed by a "guitar" solo consisting of simple sustains with a few hammer-ons and some single notes to pluck. I say guitar like that because what you actually play is a keyboard.

The chart then goes back to the chorus with an additional single note inbetween the double 3-note chords and the song concludes with a very fun alt-strum section.

Overall, this song is an absolute blast to play and while it does not really have guitar it is still one track I recommend adding to your DLC collection. Also, if you do have a Keyboard controller you can play the song using that but be prepared for the alt-strum part at the end as you will need to tap those keys very quickly! I hope this gets re-released as an RB3 version. Pro Keys would certainly be very interesting.

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