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Released June 12, 2008 for Rock Band
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Rock, Paper, Terribles (2007)

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May Take Your Soul, But Not Your Breath Away Karmeleaux

The verses is eighth notes that alternate between yellow and orange, but the pattern in which is does is engaging and fun enough.

The choruses, meanwhile, also eighths. This is more predictable with changing frets only every four notes, though there are two short slow scales where it does two notes of two frets before looping back in.

The 'guitar solo' is ALSO mostly eighth notes, but it's actually got some fun scales up and down the fretboard in there, definitely the highlight of the song. The bridge is not terribly different in practice, straight eighths with two scales from blue to green on the fourth repetition.

So it's got some fun stuff in there, but overall it's really reliant on strumming eighth notes and that starts to grate a bit by the end. Still, this song is disappearing by the end of the month, so if you're gonna get it, get it now. (it's a fairly fun drum song in my opinion, FYI)

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