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Released January 28, 2010 for Rock Band
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Genre: Alternative
Album: Evil Empire (1996)

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Bulls on Parade (Rocksmith)
Bulls on Parade (Guitar Hero Live)
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Not too difficult, but enjoyable Madotsuki
This song begins with the drums doing a simple drum beat with your right hand on the crash, and a few syncopated kicks thrown in until the guitar break.
This guitar break is followed by the whole band joining in, in which the drums hit a couple crashes and perform some simple rolls on the snare until the verse.
The verse is played with your right hand on the hi-hat and a simple beat on the snare with a some more syncopated kicks thrown in. The chorus is the probably the easiest part of the song, and it makes you wanna move head to the groove, which is the most redeeming part of the chorus seeing as its easier than any other part of BoP. The song pretty much repeats these sections until the end of the song.
Overall, BoP is very enjoyable on drums, and although it isn't as challenging as some other songs, it is makes you remember how much you like Rage Against the Machine. (Unless you don't, lol.)
If you like this song, I would highly recommend it.
If you like RATM, you probably love this song already.
If you mainly play on drums, this is a great song to buy unless your fc'ing every nightmare and up song you have, in which case you may get bored with BoP. Nevertheless, I would still recommend it as it is a fun easy song for all drummers.
04.11.12 10:52pm 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
Theres not much to say about Bulls on Parade on vocals, but you know me.
This whole song consists of talkies, and its one of the few songs I have that is like this.
And since their all talkies, you can pretty much sing, scream, or babble through this whole song (probably much to the annoyance of your band members).
Even so, this song is a blast to sing if your a great singer, and fun to sing at parties if your a horrible one (hopefully nobody will mind you screaming, "THEY RALLY ROUND THE FAMILY- WITH A POCKET FULL OF SHELLS!!" all night.)
If you like this song, you gotta have it.
If you like RATM, you probably love this song already.
If your mainly a vocalist, you may like this song as it poses no challenge, but you also may dislike it for the same reason.
But I have to say, on vocals, this song is as fun as fun songs get.
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Fun, but undercharted Madotsuki
This guitar part is okay, but its pretty undercharted to be honest.
The wah-wah guitar effect is simply charted as Yellows, it would have been nicer to have some HO/POs included.
Anyway, this chart is pretty simple, theres single-notes and hammer-ons/pull-offs in the verses and chords and single-notes in the choruses.
The solo is probably the best point of the song, it has some HO/POs all over the place, but its still pretty easy to FC.
Overall, this song is pretty fun, but its also really undercharted at times, lowering my rating of this from a 3/5 to a 2/5.
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Fairly simple chart for this song. It's another one previously covered in the Guitar Hero series. As such, you can already get a decent idea on how this song plays.

The chart is pretty boring, to be honest. If you're a fan of this band and dig this song, then maybe you'll want to go ahead and consider getting this. If you're simply looking for a fun/challenging chart, look somewhere else
08.01.10 11:14pm 0 Replies | Reply -2 Relevance
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