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Released March 27, 2012 for Rock Band
Sounds of Shinedown
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Amaryllis (2012)

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Bully (Rocksmith)
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Dat Solo! Poinkish
Of all the songs in this pack, "Bully" had to be the song that I had the least hope for, and the lowest expectations of, but upon playing it on Guitar, it's actually the best overall Guitar song in the pack. The main meat of the song consists of a snakey guitar riff that has your fingers moving up and down the fretboard, steady strumming that has you switching between single notes, and chords, and a chordy main verse. These all come together to make a pretty consistent and engaging chart, but the real highlight here is the solo, it's a crazy fun hammer-on fest for the first half with a few hammer-on chords thrown in too, and the second half is a nice wind down with some steady strumming until another crazy hammer-on snake right at the end of the solo to keep you on your feet. It's easily one of the better solo's in a song in recent months and makes recommending this one for Guitarists very easy.
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