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Released July 24, 2008 for Rock Band
Nine Inch Nails 02
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Genre: Rock
Album: Natural Born Killers (Soundtrack) (1994)

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Not too exciting for a bit, gets insane for loud parts Madotsuki
I was sort of torn whether or not to give this a 4/5 or a 5/5. I mean, its difficult, sure, but....ah well you'll see why I gave it a 4/5.

For a large portion of the song (and even after the loud part), you mostly playing over the hi-hat and snare at a fairly nice rhythm, with a few tricky kicks and snares here and there, and you continue with this for awhile. At one point I believe you go and play over the ride, but with such a forgettable chart early on, I can't really remember.

And then when you think its gotten too linear to bear, oh damn. Just.....oh damn.
The chart suddenly flies out of control, throwing a flurry of disco-flipping hi-hats, fast snares, and inconsistent kicks. This 'loud part', as I call it, is definitely something you want to try in the practice mode before trying out, or at least turning on no-fail mode would be a good idea. I wasn't expecting this to be that bad the first time, but oh man, even for me, I just couldn't hit those hi-hats that fast. You've been warned.

I found it kind of odd that this wasn't devil-tiered while the much easier (though not easy) The Perfect Drug is already devil tiered, but it may have to do with the not-very-difficult parts of Burn being...well, what they are.

Overall, this chart isn't too exciting the majority of the time, but the loud part will definitely beat the hell out of you if you're not fast enough, and as we all know, that means it fun. But with so much of the not-too-fun parts, I'm giving this a well-thought-out 4/5.
Recommended if you're looking for an army of hi-hats.
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It Screams the Loudest Sound (lol I dunno) Madotsuki
This song was actually better on guitar than I expected it to be. When the guitar begins, you're playing this electronic piano-sounding pattern mostly made up of hammer-ons/pull-offs thats a bit tricky, but quite fun.
The loud sections are incredibly entertaining where you'll be playing an interesting pattern that mostly consists hammer-ons/pull-offs on Green, Red and Yellow, until it jumps over to the other frets and throws in a chord until repeating, as well as halting sometimes before jumping back into this riff.
The second verse has an interesting guitar pattern as well that mostly contains some chords and HOs/POs.
The rest of the song repeats the loud part quite a bit until the outro where the guitar starts playing these really long notes that are very easy and they continue until the song ends.
I'm giving this 4/5 as opposed to a 3/5 because I think the song is much too entertaining on guitar to get a 3/5, but I'm not giving it a 5/5 because there is, however, some blank space every once in awhile.
If you mainly play guitar, you will likely enjoy this, but there are some better guitar songs out there.
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I agree with Billtvshow that it's pretty difficult to find the right pitch. There are sections in this song where I struggle to survive even though I know the song pretty well.

The chorus/talkies seem easier to hit than the rest of the song. I'd say this one is only for NIN fans, or those that enjoy yelling and setting things on fire.

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Well, this is a lot worse than the guitar. I mean, sure the bassline you're playing in the main part is okay, but it takes way too long to get started. And then when everything goes crazy on the rest of the instruments the bass is just kind of half-heartedly plugging away. Not very enjoyable.

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This song really surprised me. Yeah, there's some dead space, but when you're actually playing it's pretty awesome. For some reason I had imagined a big wall of chords during the chrous when everything goes crazy, but it was a pretty manageable HO/PO pattern instead. Actually, I guess I'm kind of let down by that. =)

And I don't care what anyone says, playing the synth sounds awesome too. How could you pay money for a NIN song and then be angry that you play synth?

I'd say it a very enjoyable guitar song in a full band. However, don't get this if you play by yourself and get frustrating by a little wait time and pauses.

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