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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
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Genre: New Wave
Album: Speaking in Tongues (1983)

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Why did the horse enjoy playing the legacy bass chart for "Burning Down the House"?

Because he loved galloping!


Okay, I'm a really shitty comedian. But either way, this is a pretty boring bassline.

You wait twenty seconds or so at the beginning while the guitar noodles away, then you play more or less the same thing for the rest of the song. The rhythm is a slow gallop; basically this means you play a steady 4/4 bass line, but with the second quarter note removed so you play the notes in triplets. Sometimes you skip the fourth quarter note and switch to a new fret.

And you just play that pattern for four minutes. It's a decent jam pattern but it translates pretty poorly into a video game.

It's kinda fun if you can get into the groove, not to mention that it's kinda fun on keys/drums/vox. But if you're exclusively strings, you should pass on this one.
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Nice Caleb
This is a great guitar song.
It starts out with that cool acoustic intro, then turns into some basic chord patterns.
There is a tricky part though, during the verses you will play a Hammer-on/strum sequence like in "Colony of Birchmen's" solo.

Pretty easy, but fun to play. The best guitar song from the Talking Heads IMO.
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Burning Down Your Patience Karmeleaux
Honestly, I feel it's redundant to even post a full length review for this song because Geromy nailed it in his, but I set out to review every song I own and I will until I get bored.

So yeah, the guitar intro you're doing nothing. The rest of the song? A gallop on green, yellow, or orange.

Whenever it changes frets, it skips the middle note in the gallop, making it for example a quarter note green and then a quarter note yellow.

That's it for four minutes. You can zone out and get through it fine, but in the end there's a lack of any form of variation. And so, it's a bass part I can't see anyone would want to visit.

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