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Released June 29, 2010 for Rock Band
Nickelback 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Dark Horse (2008)

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nickleback pack thadarksandman
i bought it. it gets my gf to play the game and got her to pay for it. but the song, "burn it to the ground" is actually pretty good on guitar, really fun on vocals(especially if you add in the plethora of curse words, although some made it in anyway. bass is meh and drums....well it plays but its really easy.

as a guitarist primarily, I can say it is semi challenging(lots of ho/po's which can mess up all but the best players) and the solo is ok. all in all, if your on the fence, i'd say get this song and forget the rest.
07.08.10 1:14am 1 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
FUCKING AMAZING SONG!!! A NB song I actually like!?!? Holy S BEAMER3K
This song is an absolute BLAST on guitar. It can be a bit hard on expert with the HOPOs in it that are quite frequent. The chorus is a lot of fast rapid 1/16th chords with a few shifts, so pay attention to those. There are also a good deal of other chord types and single notes in-between the HOPOs. Many fast chord shifts. The solo on expert WILL throw off many with it's rapid HOPO section and surprise, note and chord shifts that are very fast along with 1/16th note pattern. This song will have you strumming rapidly through out its duration. The vocals and drums match the excitement of the guitar quite WELL. If you like your songs with a can of whup ass and a no-nonsense attitude, then this one is for you vocalists, guitarists, and drummers. This is an arena type song/anthem. I'd give it 10 out 10 if I could. 5 out of 5 will do. Well done Nickelback, you have a WINNER with this song.
05.24.13 9:11am 3 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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