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Released November 20, 2008 for Rock Band
Dead Kennedys 01
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Genre: Punk
Album: Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (1987)

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A Great and Fun Classic! Dead Player
For those of you who don't know, this version of the song is actually a re-record of the original single from 1979, so be aware that it is alot slower than the original.

Dead Kennedys... ahh what a great band they are. But who would have though that the pack would actually be the most fun on Vocals and not Drums?

There are several reasons why this song is awesome to sing. First of all, it is an all time classic that is easy to learn and everybody knows, aswell as there is nearly no parts where you don't sing troughout the song, while still giving you some breathing room between phrases.

The charting also seems to be spot on, and they were nice enough to chart that one part in the bridge (it's the suede/denim secret police, they have come for your uncool niece) that sounds very different on the original recording as talkies, so we can sing it "the right way".

If you like Punk music and singing, this is a perfect song for you to buy.
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