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Released November 27, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop/Dance/Electronic
Album: Curiosity (2012)

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No lyrical joke here, just awful. Poinkish
Oh who am I kidding... Ahem!

"Hey bassists, I just posted this, and this is crazy, but here's my review, this bass is lazy!"

How this even got 1 dot on it's tiering is beyond me. This easily ranks up there with "Dog Days Are Over" as the worst bass DLC in RB3 to date. This frightfully un-engaging bass chart has you play a series of very spaced out single note, and long sustains throughout. Nothing different ever happens, no variety, and it's dull from beginning to end. At least the Guitar chart had ONE interesting part. This chart has nothing going for it.

So yeah, this chart gets my very rarely awarded 1 star rating. Well done "Call Me Maybe".
11.27.12 10:27am 0 Replies | Reply +4 Relevance
Hey keys players, this actually IS crazy! Poinkish
Looks like there is ONE saving grace when it comes to "Call Me Maybe" and that's the keys part. It's pretty engaging and fun across the board, split up into 3 parts, the first being a series of steadily pressed 2 note keys to kick things off, which then transitions into a fun mix of single note, double note, and triple note keys that stay at the lower end of the board.

Then the chorus kicks in, playing the booming orchestral part with brief 3 key sustains, followed by some fairly tricksy sweeps that descend down the board from orange to red before leading back into the orchestral sustains again.

It's consistent throughout, and it's surprisingly good fun. Good steady fun. Looks like I found something posititive about this song after all!
11.27.12 10:39am 0 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
So here's my review, it bores me....maybe. Poinkish
Well it's been a while since a Guitar chart has ranked so low this year. Whilst I'm not a fan at all of this song, I still try to be open-minded so let's see what the ups and downs of this song are.

The main problem with this song on Guitar is just how sparse it is in places. It all kicks off with a slightly engaging riff that has you steadily strumming notes, moving up and down the fretboard steadily with three note hammer-ons, not bad, but it's a tad breif. Then there's a few slowly strummed bursts of chords shortly after, with a few hammer on chords thrown in for good measure, pretty dull.

This then leads into the only interesting and fun part of the song for me. A series of pretty quick hammer-on strings that descend down the fretboard from blue to red over and over. It's a surprise in what is a pretty dull song for the most part, and it's easily the highlight of the song for me. Just a shame that, like all the other parts it never actually gets the chance to go anywhere before ending.

Overall, this has to be probably one of the most boring Guitar charts since "Fireflies". Unless you like the song, or like me, downloaded the song for a laugh at parties, then avoid.
11.27.12 10:18am 1 Replies | Reply +3 Relevance
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