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Released November 25, 2008 for Rock Band
Yngwie Malmsteen 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: Perpetual Flame (2008)

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Can't Be the Devil's Advocate Here Karmeleaux
I started this review with a three-star rating with a caveat: "Can you tolerate strumming sixteenth notes - that is, at this tempo, a fairly slow but mostly constant double strum? If not, then it's two-star, and that honestly might be where it sits.

Because it's a LOT of that. But at the same time, it's got a repeated slow movement around the board, and two or three genuinely unique long HO/PO sequences - we're talking ten or more all around the board. But these are exceptions, not the rules."

But now the rating is two-stars, after rereading what I've written, because it's simple too much of that to ignore, that's probably at least eighty percent of the chart (and there's a part about two-thirds in where you're just playing a sustain or nothing, too). There are some interesting pieces, but they don't redeem it enough to make it average, they just ensure that it's never in danger of a one-star experience.

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A very entertaining chart, in my opinion. Anybody who likes tossing their fingers around constantly through HOPO chains will dig this one.

Fairly difficult upon the first few play through, but with a short bit of time you can get the hang of it most likely. I think that only the better players in terms of skill will begin to enjoy this chart, though. But all the same, regardless of how well you play, chances are very high that this song will always have a fair amount of room for improvement for you.
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People mainly play this song for the guitar. But I'm here to tell you how good the drums are. The song starts with some boring cymbal hits, then picks up into a bass beat which may fail beginners. While the song is fun to play for a little bit, it soon gets repetitive.
The Good: 1.You get to listen to the guitar!
2. The bass beat is fun!
The Bad: Gets repetitive.

Overal: 4/5

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