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Released December 14, 2010 for Rock Band
Billy Joel: The Hits Rock Band Edition
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Piano Man (1973)

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Eric4372 - "You can get over 1 mil points on Pro Keys solo :)..." -- Read more
Who Woulda Thunk Billy Joel Being Amazing On Guitar? Gigakoops
When I think Billy Joel, I think catchy keys riff, never giving a second thought about guitar tracks. Thus, I wasn't really looking forward to playing the pack, because I figured the guitar would be dull, chord-based and simple. However, this quickly changed my mind.

There's really no real way to describe each riff, since they kinda meld together into one long stream of notes that never let up and rarely repeat themselves. I can say that there is an awesome, awesome mix of slow notes, HOPO notes, sustains and strummed notes. The chart is unpredictable but never challenging.

I actually didn't think seven minutes would fly by that fast. I recommend this track to people who want to do keyboardists a favor while enjoying the guitar as well.
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