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Released December 13, 2011 for Rock Band
Rush 01
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Genre: Prog
Album: Caravan (2010)

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GEROMY - "Two Claypooly bass solos Alt-strummed three note chords ..." -- Read more
A heavyweight contender for the Best Bass Chart of 2011 PuppetMasterIX
Geddy Lee has been a strong provider of some of the game's best bass lines. While songs like "YYZ" and "Working Man (Vault Edition)" ended up being favorites for many bassists, "Caravan" is hands-down the best bass chart that Rush has to offer.

The main riff is fairly simple, but more dynamic than most other bass lines, integrating all frets while keeping a relatively laid-back pace; in addition, the latter halves of each verse shift to a more complex variation, complete with gallops and hammer-ons.

The choruses are probably the least interesting parts of the song (relatively speaking, of course), primarily consisting of a relatively straight-forward and slow-moving strum pattern, but they throw in the occasional slide or riff to keep things exciting.

After the second chorus however, you'll suddenly be thrust into a world of kick-ass as a bass solo starts, and it's not some repeating riff or a short interlude; it actually feels like a solo, complete with hammer-ons, chords, and the like. After that a bridge appears with an alternating strumming pattern that contains lots of chords; not only is this section fun, it also acts as a well-paced segue-way for yet another bass solo, this one being even more diverse than the previous one. These three sections create one of the most engaging section groups in the entirety of Rock Band bass, and if the rest of the bass line were drab and uninspired (which it isn't), this part alone would justify the purchase.

Following the guitar solo section that brings a myriad of short strumming bursts and brief hammer-on fills, the song rounds up with one last chorus (which adds a little more fills into the mix) and an outro that contains (*gasp*) an alt-strumming pattern of three-note chords, resulting in a satisfying closure to a truly outstanding whole.

It's hard for me to accurately describe the superlative I am willing to give this chart. The pacing, the fills, the solos and bridge; the entire chart is utterly superb. It's possibly the best Bass chart of the year -- if not the single greatest bass line ever transcribed into the game -- and no bassist or guitarist should hesitate with the decision of picking it up.
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Move over Yes pack 01! Poinkish
This is my top contender for Bassline of 2011, and probably my favourite bassline in the game period.

What makes this bassline stand out so much is just how unconventional it is compared to your standard everyday bassline. There's a wide variety of stuff going on here. The most common part being steady strummed notes that have you ascending up and down the board. These parts are a great stop-gap to take a break from the slightly more complex double strumming sections that have you hopping up and down the board on a regular basis, there's even some hammer-on strings thrown in between the fast double strumming for that added bit of spice that makes the choruses and verses really fun to play through despite the unremarkable difficulty of these sections. These just enough variety to make sure you don't get bored during these parts, and they feel great to play.

But the real shining point of this song, has to be the 2 Bass solos that this song has towards the beggining and middle of the second half of the song. These solo's have incredibely unconventional patterns to hit and a large abundance of chords which very few bass charts actually seem to have. The mix of chords, strings of hammer-ons, and the well paced alt-strumming that is required to hit these solos perfectly makes these parts an absoulte joy to play, and isn't so fast that you'll have too much trouble with it, they're both very do-able, and an absolute joy to play, and what really elevates this from all the other bass songs out there.

You even get a very tricky, yet satisfying string of rapid chord switches halfway between these solos that help keep you on your toes too. Which makes the time spent playing outside the 2 solos never dull.

And to finish off, there's even a long string of alt-strummed 3 note chords strewn accross the outro of the song, and yet again, it feels fun to play, and hit. It's a great way to end what was already a fantastic bass chart in the first place, and it's the icing on the cake.

Best bass song of the week, the year and RB's lifespan so far, without a doubt. Get it. Just be warned, the tiering is pretty wrong on this one, it's at least a tier 5/a low devil rating. It's a unique chart and really challenging for bass!
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Dear Harmonix... moopuns
Give us more charts like this on bass. Please.
Not one, but two solos?! Three-chord notes, alt-strum?! Something that made me say "Awesome, I want to play this again!" at the end?!

This left me with tears in my eyes. Best bass chart... ever.

Please, get this song. Please, even if you play guitar and hate bass, PLEASE do yourself a favor and play bass for just this once. Or go kill yourself because you're missing out.
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BASS SOLO!!! LostWoodZero
Another Fucking Bass solo in RB3, FUCK YEAH!!!!
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