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Released March 9, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Indie Rock
Album: Yours As Fast As Mine (2007)
Author: TheMainDrag

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Lethargy at its finest m2cks
The Main Drag is a band whose name I have not even heard of until Rock Band 2, with their song "A Jagged Gorgeous Winter". I adored the song, and when they started releasing their songs on a regular basis on RBN I picked a song out of random, which resulted in my purchase of "Car Windows". The song is definitely calming, to the point of getting me close to dozing off mid-song!

Chart-wise, the song really pulls no punches. Nearly anyone with non-smoker's lungs can sing in this song's range; it does not even transcend a full octave! In the verses, there are two noticeable patterns: a low, monotone phrase and a higher, descending phrase. Each pitch comes in a slow rhythm, so switching between pitches is not a challenge at all. The "Car Windows~" chorus comes in both a low sustain and a higher, pitchsliding phrase.

This verse/chorus pattern does not really change; the only other pattern the song offers to the player is the bridge, which has higher phrases that are different, but again since the vocals themselves are so slow, the vocalist should not find it hard to search for the pitches in the newer pitch patterns. After a final "Car windows~" phrase, the song ends.

Overall, it is a good song to listen to and doze off, but really slower, calmer songs generally do not equal compelling vocals gameplay. Hopefully the other Main Drag songs will be more exciting to sing.
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