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Released April 16, 2009 for Rock Band
Chinese Democracy
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Genre: Rock
Album: Chinese Democracy (2008)

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When all is said and done... Edfan
Drums are not the first thing that come to mind when playing a Guns N' Roses song. Still, the drums, despite sounding slow and relaxed, is filled with energy.

The main pattern is a slightly tricky beat with hi-hat, an off-beat kick pedal, and the snare also hitting in between beats a couple of times. Nothing we haven't seen before, but it's a pattern that's pretty fun to play.

This little pattern sees some variation, such as switching to the blue cymbals, adding crashes, throwing in another hi-hat in between notes, adding a fill, adding another snare in between, or letting up on the off-beat pedal, so it's never repeating the whole pattern exactly, making this an addictive, fun beat to play.

There's also a brief break where you only hit toms, then it goes back to the other, funner pattern. Once it comes back, you're essentially playing this pattern for the rest of the song, which by now is about 2 minutes.

Even if you do somehow tire of the constantly-mixed up pattern (maybe because it's a little slow), don't worry. You'll get some nice, fast rolls thrown at you to make sure you are awake. The beat gets even more variation thrown in, switching to crash cymbals and throwing other cymbals, toms, and kick pedals in between beats. It notably gets harder and harder to keep up with the regular pattern as you get close to the end of the song, but it's still very much manageable.

Seriously, this is a really fun drum track. What it lacks in difficulty more than makes up for it in fun, quick variations in the pattern it presents itself in. While it is a bit slow, it more than makes up for it for constantly sending a bunch of inconsistent note patterns to keep you on your toes!
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Solid on Guitar starz 007
This song is pretty good on guitar. There's a very catchy kind of breakdown in the middle, and two post-chorus bridges that are a lot of fun. The first solo is kind of average, but the second one is a lot of fun. Not the best on the album, but definitely fun.
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