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Released October 26, 2010 for Rock Band
Rock Band 3 Import
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Genre: Metal
Album: Among the Living (1987)

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5-stars for angry people zyyzyyzyy
This song starts out with a relatively easy pattern for the first minute, but the easy pattern feels like its trying to lure any unprepared player into a trap. Because after that, it goes completely downhill, giving you a difficult drum solo (which can be partially covered, but it's still very hard to figure out), followed by a very fast thrash beat that will almost certainly fail a mediocre drum player unless they intentionally skip some of the yellow notes (though if you choose this method, your combo will constantly break and your score will suck). It is HIGHLY recommended you save your overdrive for the thrash beats unless you are capable of hitting them, which is unlikely for most people that read this. However, I must say that if you're having a bad day, those thrash beats are a GREAT reliever, especially with the aggressive and mad lyrics to aid you in getting the anger out.

After the typical Charlie Benante right-arm thrash beat torture mentioned a love (which only lasts for like 20 seconds, thankfully), you get a bunch of much more chill patterns as you move into the main chorus. Then, you get the thrash beats again, followed by more chill patterns, though the end of the second chorus is a bit fast.

The bridge and guitar solo is the best part of the song. It slows down a bit with the drum beats, though every single note is charged with bass, before thrusting you back into fast mode with, you guessed it, more thrash beats! However, this time the thrash beats are surprisingly fun to play because it's only 5 at a time followed by 3 crash/bass-snare beats, and although your hands will be flying all over your kit, it's not too much of a pain. Then, it slows down for a bit during the first half of the guitar solo, but speeds up into a fast pattern reminiscent of Battery in the second half.

After that, you're back to the chill patterns, and then the thrash beats, and then the chill patterns, then you're done. Quite the roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, I can't give this song an 5/5 with an A because really fast thrash beats can be a major pain to many players (see Blinded by Fear), but otherwise it's a very fun drum chart to play for the better part of Rock Band drummers.

Grade. B+
Rate: 4/5
Difficulty: 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
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What's With the Hate?! Gigakoops
Seriously, the way this is rated you'd expect this chart to give you cancer, or at the very least bore you to death. But it's a really fun, fast paced song with decent challenge. If it's the alt-strumming, I guess I understand (kinda) but I already explained my point over that (see: "Battles of Brotherhood" by 3 Inches of Blood).

The song starts simple enough, with long sustains, then builds up with a riff that alternates between green and higher notes. Then that epic drum fill kicks in and you're treated with a funkward riff involving HOPO chords.

Then we get back to more green/higher note alternating before getting to the chorus, which consists of the main riff and assorted chord sustains.

The solo goes all over the place without actually being all that hard if you alt-strum. Seriously, alt-strumming makes this so much easier and funner.

I find these kinds of charts fun since you never know what to expect, and it keeps both hands involved, rather than tapping away with one hand or furiously strumming on the other.

Again, I like it despite the people who voted lowly on it. Enjoy Killing Loneliness, I guess :p
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