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Released April 20, 2017 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

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What a fun looking chart! Lots of cool patterns, variety, just enough complication, and a solo!

Now, you know what would make playing it fun? Being able to hear the instrument I was playing!

during the seven-odd minutes of this song, I think I actually heard like a dozen notes in total, and my inability to hear the guitar track despite me playing well enough to not butcher the song made me miss far too many notes. This song looks like it could be fun - maybe even a 5 star masterpiece - but not being able to hear anything other than mr.gallagher's whiny voice and the occasional drum tap absolutely ruined this song.

This is an unofficial review, as I hear that the balancing is being fixed, but in the mean time this song is unplayable for me. If they do fix the audio levels, then I will be eagerly revisiting this review and altering it accordingly.

As it stands, can't hear the track, ruins the entire point of why I play these games.


**Edit** I've played it a few more times, the issue seems to have fixed itself, and yeah, the song is actually really awesome all around on Guitar. Lots of HOPO stuff, a great solo, and plenty to keep you busy without ruining your day)
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