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Released September 11, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: Charlene (1986)

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Charlene: I'm right behind you...LOL Caleb
I laugh so much singing this song that it's just so ridiculously hard to get a good score.'s incredible. Get it. It's free.

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Chordy forty SlayerIsTheStuff
This song has multiple reviews, but most of them don't go into much detail. This time, I will review the Guitar part.

So you're playing the synth that has a bunch of chords with single notes put in between. This is really fun and goes on until the "guitar solo" where there's a G-Y-B-O-B-Y pattern. Then it repeats the beginning riff until it ends.

Good chart, great song, BRB getting pizza.

Rating: 4
Tier: 2
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If you're a Colbert fan or a fan of joke songs in general then you MUST get the song. It's stalkerific.

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This is a free song and sometimes the sheer awesomeness of a song overpowers the technical fun of playing the chart, and this is one of those times.

The guitar in this song sounds so corny that it's just hilarious from the moment you start playing.

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Lacking in diversity, but the blue-note drums sound awesome and the song doesn't go on long enough for it to get old. Nice simple pattern to keep.

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A little boring, but the song doesn't last long and playing a Colbert song is awesome enough to get it extra points.

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Guitar:kinda boring 3/5
Bass: same as guitar 3/5
Drums:just 4/5
Vox: the lyrics are stalkerific, it creeps me out but are fun 5/5
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