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Released October 1, 2009 for Rock Band
Alice In Chains 01
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Black Gives Way to Blue (2009)

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Check My Brain (Rocksmith)
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Fairly easy, choruses a bit tricky, nice solos Madotsuki
Through several of the sections of Check My Brain you're playing a simple single-note riff that revolves around Green, Red and Yellow with some HO/POs that repeats plenty of times, but the song changes enough to keep from getting repetitious.
During the choruses you're playing 2-note chords with a bit of pre-chord alt-strumming and some quick hammer-on chords near the end of the choruses that are a bit tricky.
There are 2 solos that are both really easy, mostly consisting of easy single-notes and sustains with a few HO/POs here and there.
Overall, this song is really easy, except for the choruses which are a bit tricky, and the solos are pretty fun, and all in all, this song is actually pretty enjoyable on guitar.
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