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Released June 8, 2010 for Rock Band
Deftones 01
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Saturday Night Wrist (2006)

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A Sea of Waves Madotsuki
Throughout the verses you are playing a catchy rhythm using a disco-flip-ish technique that seems a little odd at first.
These parts are played over the hi-hat with a snare hit and a few kicks (just like in the song), whats weird about this is that these are actually supposed to be snare rolls, but that doesn't really matter, since there really isn't a better way that Harmonix could have charted it, and the hi-hat and snare combination works perfectly (or fine, if your for some reason not happy with it). Nevertheless, the verses are fun and enjoyable on drums with this beat.
During the pre-chorus you'll be playing a couple of crashes and rides along with some easy kicks until a quick fill until the chorus where you will playing along the ride with some quick little double snares and fills until another verse.
The verse is only a little different (also this part of the song is actually on the hi-hat on real drums this time), with the lines ending in a ride before repeating and then into another pre-chorus and chorus.
The song then goes into a interesting section that also features has one hell of a drum solo that will have you traveling across the kit with rides, crashes, plenty of snares and a multitude of toms with a bunch of consistent kicks until the next chorus.
After the last chorus, theres the outro with is the catchy rhythm from the verses, repeated for awhile, before cutting off.
Overall, this is an incredibly fun song with plenty of diversity, a catchy verse rhythm, and a drum solo that will keep you coming back.
If you like the Deftones, this is one of the two songs of SNW, and its a great, fun song.
If you mainly play drums, this is a great choice as it has plenty of enjoyable sections throughout.
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You can do better than this Harmonix... PoundedLemon
Loses a star for charting snare rolls to the highhat, in pro mode.
05.17.11 2:40am 0 Replies | Reply -1 Relevance
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