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Released August 16, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Prog
Album: Deep Purple in Rock (1970)

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Is the correct punctuation "Sweet child, in time..."? m2cks
A song like "Child in Time" is, unbeknownst to myself, an unusual addition to my song library simply because it is not the kind of song that would match the description of songs I would usually buy. It is a ten minute prog epic consisting of five distinct parts, which I will list here:

1. Quiet part/keyboard solo
2. Verse
4. Guitar solo
5. Outro/"Oh no!" part

I will do this review a bit differently; since each part is distinct, I will write about each separately instead of going about the usual "verse/chorus" paragraphs.

The quiet parts are dominated by the keyboard, with sporadic solos layered over a driving multi-instrumental riff. There are no vocals here, but soon after the vocal chart comes in.

The verses start low and breathy, but eventually build up higher, peaking on an "Oh~" sustain that may force players to use their falsetto voice in order to satisfy the "pie". Another thing to note is that the lyric "ricochet" bends down, but it sweeps upward at the very end of the phrase, making it like a reverse-arc. I point this out because the pitch is hard to make out over the other instruments, so vocalists beware. The difference between verse 1 and 2 is unremarkable; expert vocalists will probably be fine if they just remember the melody from the previous verse. The only major thing that changes is the "Oh" sustain, but even that was no problem for me.

Then comes the infamous "Ah~!" phrases, which by far are the hardest part of the song. I recommend sitting close to your TV and stare intently at the vocal lines here, because the descent on the pitches are very hard to notice. In other words, you might be too early or too late in switching down pitches, which most likely will end in a "Strong" or "Okay". Another thing of note is the surprise phrase "I wanna hear you scream!" that is in the middle of the ah's; the phrase is lower but ascends upward. The last point I will mention is the pitch on one of the final Ah's. This is a warning: the pitch on the "Ah" is off-key and higher than expected, so be sure to align your arrow accordingly. If you made it through this part, then prepare for some downtime and listen to the guitar solo.

Passing over the guitar solo part (where there is no vocal charting), the final part to note is the "Oh no!" part, which is simply a bunch of talkies expressing the singer's shock and disapproval of something not mentioned in the lyrics. The talkies become faster as the buildup swells, but other than that they are a breeze. (A side note here: I always thought the song would have sounded better if they would fade it out on a mellow note instead of the "Big Rock Ending"; it always felt tacked on and unnecessary).

The order of these parts are as follows: 12341235, so the singer has to focus on memorizing the general layout of the verses/AAAAAAHHH's. There are variations here and there, but they are not much of a hinderance. I will reiterate, however, that the Ah's are much harder than at first glance; do not underestimate them when it is your turn at trying out the song.

Overall, the song balances an appealing offer of both challenge and accessibility, with the fun coming from trying to apply vibrato onto the Ah's whilst matching the original octave of the vocals. Even though I cannot do it, I still enjoyed myself fully in trying out this song and achieving that FC. High marks.
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Not for everyone Caleb
Okay first off I love this song, and it's probably my favorite DP song ever.Deep Purple has been known for great guitar songs like Highway Star and Smoke on Water, and an insane drum song for Space Truckin. With the addition of Child in Time, this marks the longest Deep Purple song in the game, and probably the only DP song to be labeled as "prog"

Now like the title says it's not for everyone. It is very long and for the most part, pretty boring. You play a "Duh duh DUUUH" style rhythm during the majority of the song, before and after the solo. The solo itself is extremely difficult. You've got fast snakes and licks that mix in chords and some strummed notes, as well as some scales during the keys solo. The speed and note patterns are very difficult to grasp and can leave players frustrated beyond belief.

And here is where the title comes into play: Obviously skilled players will have more fun with it. If you are able to confidently play the solo, you will love the challenging patterns and insanity it brings to the table, giving your fingers a real treat. If you love the song, the boring parts won't be too much of a burden because you'll be too busy humming the lyrics and screaming the oos and aahs.

I do not recommend to those who are looking for some fantastic. I only say buy if you like the song or challenge. I liked it because of the challenge and the song itself is great. For all of those Deep Purple and classic rock fans, Child in Time is a great song to add to your collection
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Pro Drums Review LunaticSoul
Musically speaking, "Child in Time" is an amazing song and it's great to have it on Rock Band.
Following the pattern of the two reviews we have here, we can divide the song in three different parts, made of sub-parts.

1)Firstly, we have the intro: random strokes on the blue/green cymbals I personally find as being fun as combo breakers on sightread. You even have 16th with some paradiddles going on, and trust me they're not so predictable.
The song has a really great build-up, that goes through the whole "aaaaAAAAAH" section.
A great number of fills layered on a mat of 8th kicks, something that is usual to Hard Rock drum charts/Deep Purple charts..
2)After 40 seconds through the Guitar solo, made mostly of good snare fills, beware, as you're about to enter in a realm of madness: the guitar solo is accompanied on drums with a FAST swing style Ride-Snare double bass beat that changes almost every ten seconds.
I've seen the chart three times and I still can't understand how to keep a decent combo for the most part of it. It drains a lot of energy and it's not that great to play, IMHO. The last part of the solo on drums is better, easier.. But you'll be thankful part 2 is over. :p
3).. That is practically, a short part 1 with a lot of fills and an ending made of fast two hits on bass + snare-ride that will be a hit & miss if you're not a fast drummer. Then, the madness ends with a BRE and the song is over.

Clocking at 10.07, Child in Time is a great Rock Band experience but it's hugely tiresome, and you will not be likely to play it on a daily basis. Due to this factors, IMHO Child in Time on Drums is a 4/5. A good song, but not a great song (speaking of the chart, of course!)
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