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Released August 16, 2011 for Rock Band

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Genre: Prog
Album: Deep Purple in Rock (1970)

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Not for everyone Caleb
Okay first off I love this song, and it's probably my favorite DP song ever.Deep Purple has been known for great guitar songs like Highway Star and Smoke on Water, and an insane drum song for Space Truckin. With the addition of Child in Time, this marks the longest Deep Purple song in the game, and probably the only DP song to be labeled as "prog"

Now like the title says it's not for everyone. It is very long and for the most part, pretty boring. You play a "Duh duh DUUUH" style rhythm during the majority of the song, before and after the solo. The solo itself is extremely difficult. You've got fast snakes and licks that mix in chords and some strummed notes, as well as some scales during the keys solo. The speed and note patterns are very difficult to grasp and can leave players frustrated beyond belief.

And here is where the title comes into play: Obviously skilled players will have more fun with it. If you are able to confidently play the solo, you will love the challenging patterns and insanity it brings to the table, giving your fingers a real treat. If you love the song, the boring parts won't be too much of a burden because you'll be too busy humming the lyrics and screaming the oos and aahs.

I do not recommend to those who are looking for some fantastic. I only say buy if you like the song or challenge. I liked it because of the challenge and the song itself is great. For all of those Deep Purple and classic rock fans, Child in Time is a great song to add to your collection
08.16.11 1:23pm 1 Replies | Reply +5 Relevance
CloudWolf - "and probably the only DP song to be labeled as "prog""

That is, until HMX decides to release a DP pack with songs like Lazy, Prelude: Happiness/I'm So Glad and Blind. But that's definitely never going to happen.
08.16.11 1:50 pm
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