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Released February 12, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: Eisenhower (2006)
Author: TheAuthority

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My favorite song to sing Caleb
This is a really underrated song I believe.
First off, it's got really cool lyrics that I can relate to, and lots of variety in the ways you sing.

It's not too difficult, so you can cruise along pretty smoothly with no difficulties, just make sure you breath.

One of the most underrated songs for vocals I believe, I highly recommend this one.
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Another Slip Bass Karmeleaux
Another mixed bag here. The intro riff is fairly fun. The verse are fairly involved, with scales showing up every now and then and progressing as the chorus approached, but at the same time there's a lot of the verses that have dead space or sustains.

The chorus is largely sustains around the fretboard, and then the intro riff is visited again. You've got another verse, then you start to go into the outro. This starts off fairly strong with a decent amount of movement, but it quickly degrades into groups of sustains.

It's largely comparable to Even Rats in that it has a lot of stuff that's very fun, but it's packaged with some stuff you'll have to trudge through. And I can see that being unattractive to some players.

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