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Released October 5, 2010 for Rock Band
T. Rex 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Tanx (1973)

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Pretty average, nice rhythm Madotsuki
With such a low difficulty tiering for such a short, simple song, you knew when you bought this not to expect much. Surprisingly, its a bit better than you'd expect. But just a bit.

Throughout this song you're often playing 2-note G+Y and G+R chords and Green single-notes at an interesting rhythm that you would expect from Marc Bolan. Sometimes It moves up with some Reds and R+B chords, and sometimes theres a bit of pre-chord alt-strumming (however its still very easy).

The choruses have some single-note sustains and 2-note chord sustains. Nothing really special here. Besides these things, theres a short Big Rock Ending, which is nice.

Overall, its a pretty average chart, its fairly active besides the choruses, and its certainly fun enough to deserve a solid 3/5.
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