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Released October 18, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: (2008)
Author: WaveGroup

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One of the best RBN songs Caleb
This song is nuts.

This is an amazing live song, with a sweet southern bluesy sound, and lots of solos. The solos contain lots of hammer ons and nice sweeps up and down the fret board.

First you start with a solo, that is pretty easy to start out with, and gives you a good place to warm up. The verses of the song are sustains, and then the main chorus riff is a cool chord switch pattern. It's kind of hard to explain properly.

Then comes another simple solo, and the verse and chorus repeated again. And then the best part. You've got a pretty lengthy guitar solo, that is still not so hard to make you fail. And then after that, a nice drum solo. Giving you a break so yo can prepare for what comes up next...

The last solo is a really tough one, you've got lots of fast sweeping scales and trills throughout the solo, and these fast parts are enough to make you fail if you are not prepared.

The rest of the song is pretty basic, but then you have the outro solo. Which is not charted as a solo, for some reason. It's fairly easy, and is a nice way to ease out of a very long session of jamming.

Definitely worth the two dollars, and a great song to play along to on guitar. Bass is also top notch as well, so I recommend it to bassists as well.
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