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Released March 4, 2008 for Rock Band
The Grateful Dead 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Aoxomoxoa (1969)

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Alluminated Guy
I'm going straight out there and saying that this song is like sex.
China gives you slight foreplay in the beginning of the song with HOs around the neck.
Moving quickly to soon what you will expect throughout the whole song as the fun moving around HOs and POs.
You get a feel for these HOs and POs for awhile until the way the HOs and POs are positioned.
That change moves quickly into the climatic solo, where everything is pretty much the same other than the sound. (The same being HOs and POs)
Comming out of the solo, you return to what you once knew and loved...
that's right, Hammer ons and Pull Offs.

This song is based of Hammer On and Pull Offs, yet, even for those new to HOs and POs will love it.
It's a great song, and if you don't already have it... stop reading this and go buy it!

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This song is a lot of fun, lots of HO/POs everywhere but doesn't go too fast.

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