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Released September 9, 2008 for Rock Band
All That Remains 01
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Genre: Metal
Album: Overcome (2008)

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Highlight of the Pack Gigakoops
This is the highlight of the ATR pack, and probably one of my all-time favorite guitar charts.

Every single riff is semi-challenging, but not finger straining, and a ton of fun. The opening riff has you dancing around the frets, holding sustains, then moving to other notes with such great flow. Then the verse riff contains both really fun HOPO patterns and really fun strumming patterns. The chorus is one really long HOPO chain that flows gracefully and will surely convince you already this is a 5/5 song.

The bridge hit, and it's a mix between HOPOs and chords, which builds up to the solo. This solo just so happens to be more fun than anything in this pack. It's slow enough to where you can hit it if you've got a considerable amount of skill, but fast enough to keep you on edge.

This song is just simply amazing. Do yourself a favor if you're a guitarist and just get this pack. Even if metalcore isn't your thing it's a ton of fun.
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