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Released September 14, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Import
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Toxicity (2001)

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May Induce Self-Righteous Suicide Karmeleaux
A two-star with one-star and three-star elements.

The song starts out with sustains, first with long yellow ones, then with shorter ones that move with the backing guitar part changing chords. Soon you're to a double-strumming part, which moves slowly down the orange, yellow, and red frets. So far this has been decent fun.

Then we get to the most infamous rhythm of the song. You're double-strumming while alternating between two frets every note, slowly moving that pattern up the fretboard. It's obnoxious and repetitive at this speed.

The verse is based around the same rhythm, though at least every other measure there's a break where you play nothing. Breaks usually take away from the song, but this actually makes this rhythm more bearable.

The chorus is actually decent fun, it's focused on short sustains, with small fills between fret changes and a few strum pattern changes in there just for kicks. Another decent part.

Verse/chorus again, then the infamous rhythm during the bridge. We get back to the normal double-strumming part I mentioned in the intro, then chorus for the outro.

So pretty much there's no way this song is really going to please anyone throughout. The chorus and a few other parts are decent and slower simpler fun that'd I give a three-star. The obnoxious part in the beginning and the bridge I'd give a one-star, and if you wouldn't, you probably wouldn't end up liking the chorus. So there's no way this song will please anyone throughout.

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