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Released October 18, 2011 for Rock Band
Coldplay 01
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Genre: Alternative
Album: A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)

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An average chart Bront
In my opinion, this is one of the stand out tracks this week on guitar, but that's not saying a lot, as there's lot a lot of guitar in the Coldplay songs we were offered in this first pack.

For a good part of the song, you'll mostly an uptempo chordfest, that while not very unique or exciting, isn't quite boring either (there are much worse chordfest charts). There are a few breaks at the beginning as well, where you won't be playing. Towards the end, you'll get a chart with singles moving on the frets, mirroring the main piano part to an extent. This is just fast enough to be fun, and makes for a good change of pace. It changes again slightly towards the end of the song (dropping one of the notes in the pattern for a sustain).

The only difficulty here is if you have trouble keeping up with the speed, but it shouldn't be an issue for most expert guitarists. Party wise, it's Coldplay, so it's well known, and it's not complex on any instrument, so it's great for parties. Probably not a bad Voxtar song either.
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Easy, fun song Madotsuki
Clocks' drum chart is a little repetitive, but still catchy and fun to play.
Throughout the song you will be playing a nice, smooth drum pattern that goes along with the keyboards. As the song changes from the verse to the chorus, your right hand will switch from playing this pattern on the hi-hat to the ride to the crash (depending on the section). The song is pretty linear and follows the same pattern throughout the song besides the few switches between sections.
If you like this song, this a fun, easy drums song thats great to play every once in awhile.
If you like Coldplay, (which I don't, but that doesnt make a difference) this is a great song to play at parties and is one of their biggest songs. Most people will be like 'Clocks?, Ive never of heard that', but once that piano riff comes in.....oh yeah.
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Slightly above average eighth note chart Bront
The chart is a fairly standard eighth note chart on bass. It's got some reasonable movement, and a few spots where there's some quick movement back and forth. It's not something to get seriously excited about, but it's not bad, maybe slightly above average chart on bass.

As I mentioned in the guitar review, it's a great party song for being very well known, and none of the charts seem like duds outside of possibly the drums, but it's nothing that will prevent it form being a hit at parties. It's a good song to have in your library, even if it isn't an awesome bass chart, particularly if you like Coldplay.
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Pro Keys: Catchy, fun chart, very active Madotsuki
Everyone has heard this song at some point, with its catchy piano riff and smooth rhythm, its definitely a song that can get stuck in your head, and thankfully, this pro keys chart does not disappoint.
The main piano riff that is played often throughout the song is a single-note progression based around 3 piano chords and is played on the yellow and blue sections. Its played at a nice smooth rhythm, and is charted quite well.
During the verses you're playing the chords from the piano riff as sustains that change at the same pace as the main piano riff.
Theres a few times in the song where you must jump to the green section to play another progression where you're basically playing two constantly repeating notes and a third bass note that changes at similar pace as the main piano riff's progression.
For the refrain you're playing alot of chords that aren't too difficult, but are a bit different from the rest of the song.
Overall, this is a very entertaining, addictive chart that is very active, and is just incredibly fun to play.
If you mainly play pro keys, you will likely enjoy this very smooth chart, and I would recommend this if you're looking for an easy, entertaining keys song.
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Very repetitive, but at the same time very fun. All of the Coldplay songs impress me.
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