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Released November 20, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Rock
Album: The Downward Spiral (1994)

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Closer (Guitar Hero)
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I wanna [Respect] You Like a [Gentleman} Dr Sardonicus
Nine Inch Nails songs have a history of not being all that fun to play on guitar in music games. Either they're repetitive chordfests, or you're not playing for half the song. Closer is better than most, but still not great.

You don't play for the first verse and pre-chorus, but when you do start playing, the pattern is pretty fun. It consists of hammer-ons and pull-offs in short bursts, going around the fretboard. It's a lot of fun, but it repeats for a while until you get to the next section. After the chorus, you play an extremely repetitive pattern, consisting of yellow alt-strumming, quickly going into red for one note twice, and then going up the fretboard up to the orange note. You play this until the next chorus, and it can get pretty boring. In the chorus, you go back to the chorus riff, followed by the song going into its three-minute coda.

You don't play anything at first, but you're then hit with a new pattern, which can best be described as noise. You play notes all around the fretboard, and it's a lot more fun than I thought it would be, just from hearing the song. After wards, you go into another riff,consisting of pull-offs based around the orange note, briefly going onto the red, then back to orange. You play this for the spoken-word chorus, before going into the alt-strumming bit until the song ends.

Overall, this is a maybe song for single players, but it's a good song for parties. The patterns are repetitive, but only one is annoyingly so. Sadly, it's the most common pattern in the song. Bass and Vocals are fun though, so if you play more than guitar, I'd recommend it.
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