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Released July 8, 2008 for Rock Band

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Genre: Prog
Album: A Farewell to Kings (1977)

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Closer to the Heart (Rocksmith)
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Short But Sweet Rush Bass Karmeleaux
I'll open by saying the bass begins with long sustains during the guitar intro, then is uninvolved with the first verse. In a fairly short song (by Rush standards), this isn't great.

I'll continue by saying that everything beyond that is simply amazing to play. As I mention elsewhere, Geddy Lee tends to play fairly simple parts while singing, then keep it up during the instrumental parts.

This time, he stays near the top of his game the entire time. The verses have some decent movement and the occasional couple of HO/POs in there.

But as usual, when the vocal drop out for the guitar solo, the bass kicks it up a notch and never comes back down until the song is done, even when the vocals come back in. The bass is constantly moving and exploring new ways of moving here, it's not too demanding for most players, but very engaging.

It's an absolute blast for any bassist, pure and simple, and I can't see anyone being put off enough by that intro to not enjoy the spectactular bass for the rest of the song. Recommended for everyone.

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Decent Caleb
You may be thinking, "Why such a low rating?" Well I'll tell you, it's really not that great.

You start with that cool, instantly recognizable acoustic intro that just sends shivers down your spine. That part is fun.
But the rest of the song is just your basic chords and alt strums, nothing challenging, or too different from any other song that has chords and alt strums.

And then there's a solo, not a very hard one. It's got some hopos, but nothing relatively challenging, or interesting.

The song is great, and it's pretty decent to play, but when you look at all of the other Rush songs on guitar, this one isn't anything special; however, bass is another story. Definitely buy it if you play bass.
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Alluminated Guy
Compared to the other Rush songs for drumming, Closer to the Heart cannot compare. Still a Great song to play on the drums, Peart's drumming gives the song the boast that is didn't even need. When normally long drum fills of one note appear in normal songs, this one includes...
Duh Duh... Two Notes at a time!
Something that is quite the treat for drummers, which is one reason why this song is Great.

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