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Released April 2, 2009 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Pawn Shoppe Heart (2004)

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An Average Bass That Doesn't Stay Long Enough to Get Old Karmeleaux
The main verse rhythm is a slow gallop which is mostly done with the first fret being one lower than the next two (so like YBB BOO RYY RYY) and every forth working its way up to green then a few groups of orange. This is fairly engaging.

The chorus rhythm is similarly built around a gallop, but it changes its structure, usually involving one note below and above the one you started on, and connecting the last two in a sort of fill. The end is largely straight eighths on green, then a hammer-on from yellow through orange and straight eights on orange.

Both of these repeat one more time, and the outro using the verse rhythm again. They're mildly fun rhythms and don't stay around long enough to get old, I can see people who enjoy the song enjoying the chart as well.

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