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Released February 26, 2008 for Rock Band
Nine Inch Nails 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: With Teeth (2005)

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Some nice movement, cool piano solo Madotsuki
The guitar part actually starts in the middle of the verse.
For alot of this song you're playing alot of single-notes that jump all around, and during the chorus theres a bunch of consistent chord strumming.
Theres a piano solo that you play on guitar that is alot of fun, where you are playing alot of quick HO/POs that slide all around and single-notes that play a few creepy melodies.
Theres a cool lead part before the solo consisting of alot single-notes that is pretty fun.
Overall, there isn't really a whole lot of blank space in this song as you would expect, and this guitar track is actually alot of fun, with a very entertaining piano solo to top it off.
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I actually like the piano. Song takes to long to start, though.

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