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Released February 7, 2012 for Rock Band
Bush 01
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Genre: Grunge
Album: Sixteen Stone (1994)

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Well, That Escalated Quickly Edfan
This song is about 5 minutes long. This song has about 30 seconds worth of keys in total. I think you can tell where this review is going.

For the intro, you do a great deal of nothing. Then, 8 short sustains. Then nothing. Then a few sustains again. Then nothing. Then, a quick, 6-second long period of hitting a single key carefully and accurately very quickly to bring your stars from 2-star to gold (not joking), nothing, final 5 sustains, end.

I do not need to explain anything else. This song is pretty good on any other instrument though, so buy it anyway if you play the other instruments.

If you're looking for a keys song, stay the hell away from this and go buy some Billy Joel or Elton John, or any keys song that doesn't have a difficulty of tier 1 or 0. Really, what are you doing looking for a good keys song in the grunge section anyway?
02.23.13 8:08pm 0 Replies | Reply +1 Relevance
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