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Released July 9, 2009 for Rock Band
Mayhem Tour 2009
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Genre: Metal
Album: Demigod (2004)

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Re-Review #2 Gigakoops
I still think this song is a bit overtiered, and I think it's the second easiest Mayhem Tour track (first being the Marilyn Manson song, of course). And I still think it's pretty fun.

You start with a mix of galloping green notes and chords, which offers a fun mix of challenge and non-challenge. Then we have a lead medley, which mostly consists of chords.

The verse riff is essentially the same as the opening, but with some descending chord patterns that keep things fresh. Then the post-verse has lanes of fast-strumming notes that have you moving a fair amount around the neck. The chorus has HOPO chains and lots of chords, giving yet more balance between the challenging and non-challenging.

The solo starts with lots of sustains before breaking into HOPO chain after HOPO chain. Some are really slow and easy to hit and others are quick sweeps around the neck.

I still say this is one of the most fun songs in the pack, and if you don't feel like getting the whole thing, at least keep this one in mind.
11.16.11 1:21am 1 Replies | Reply +2 Relevance
SlayerIsTheStuff - Wait, how is it overtiered? There's the solo and the pre-chorus. Reply
12.26.16 6:07 pm
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