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Released August 14, 2008 for Rock Band
Roadrunner 01
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Genre: Prog
Album: Systematic Chaos (2007)

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Pro Drums review LunaticSoul
It's a clear and aknowledged fact Dream Theater are perfect for Rock Band. Despite this, we only have two song from two of their last albums, which unfortunately are not as good as their old stuff.

Despite this, Mike Portnoy's style is amazing and like every other great drummer it's clear his mark of insanity and technique when you play this song, especially on Pro Drums. If you thought this song was hard, just wait for the drum part during the crazy Guitar solo, as you'll find some the weirdest and technical patterns you will find in the whole catalogue. So hard it's actually good if you nail it :p
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All Time Favorite on Drums HGinCT14
I fyou plan on buying only one song from the plethora of Rock band DLC available, be sure it is this song. granted I am biased as a die hard Dream Theater fan, but even then, the song has almost zero repetition(it does have a verse after all). The one part of the song that is really intense and fun to play though is during the solo. It feels like Mike Portnoy is trying to solo himself but at the some time keeping the beat going so Petruuci can finish his guitar solo. A definite buy if you haven't already. (NOTE: guitarist beware)
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Ok, here is what I like about this song, let me lead off with that, I think I will get less hate mail and buring dog turds thrown at my house this way.

Its a pretty good song, as far as Metal since 1990 goes. Its not going to wow many people as far as a genre-bending classic, but its a good metal song, and really good when you compare it to other crap coming out these days.

Next, the Note Chart, excluding the solo, is actually kinda fun. Its incredibly challenging but still do-able. Nothing too insane here (Its not Snow or Thrasher, but its up there).

My biggest complaint with this song, is the wall of notes that it thrown at you for no good reason in the Solo. If you want to know what its like, its very similar to Ride The Lightening, on Steroids. Not the sissy, HGH-type steriods. I'm talking hardcore, anabolic, Barry Bonds and Marion Jones having kids Steroids. Its probably the "Hardest" solo in the game to this point. Its nothing like Jordan or Through the Fire and the Flames, but its up there.

My biggest problem with a solo like this, is that for 99.8% of Expert Guitarists out there, beating this song is pretty much a crapshoot. Between Luck, knowing your OD, and some Skill, you will beat this song. Otherwise, its going to be a slap in the face, and then it has sex with your mother.

At least with songs like Afterlife and Green Grass and High Tides, those solos are incredibly hard, but also very attainable. You know with the right mix of practice and honing your skills, you could even 95+% those solos. With Constant Motion, its just so incredibly hard, that you know, the only time I'm going to beat this is when I get INCREDIBLY lucky, and thats also going to be the LAST time I play this song.

Sadly, once this one got beat, I KNEW that would be the last time I play this song. So, if you love impossible songs, or want to pay 2 bucks to beat a song once, buy this, otherwise, steer clear my friends.

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It's not a difficult song to sing since you're not forced to try and sing with the same exact voice than Dream Theater. The more flat you sing this song, the best result you got.

Still, it's a fun song to sing. Lyrics are unusual and various. The singer can be helpful for the guitarists messing the solo. Especially in RB3 where you can deploy your overdrive during the cowbell section.

However, the talkies section seem to be broken in RB3. I usually score an easy 100% on expert in RB2, and I keep messing the 4 or 5 talkies in RB3 such as "through out my very soul" or "into the night blistering" where the microphone pitch simply doesnt activate.
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This song is hand-crampingly bad. You'll have to alt-strum most of it because it goes too fast, and there are a lot of awkward chord changing spots. The chorus is a bunch of chord strumming. The solo is complete bullshit and it's completely impossible for any human to duplicate those movements on a fake plastic guitar. You'll have a hard time passing it.

If you're looking for a "challenge", this will probably work for you, but the solo really requires more luck than skill. Flail away on the Rock Band solo buttons!

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