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Released February 5, 2009 for Rock Band
Thin Lizzy 01
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Genre: Classic Rock
Album: Still Dangerous - Live At the Tower Theatre Philad (1977)

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Moves Your Fingers Up and Down Karmeleaux
Really, I'd say the biggest problem this song has is its blank space. The beginning of the song is all vocals and guitar, and it's noticeable how long it is before you play anything.

When you start playing, though, you mimic the main/chorus guitar line, which is fun on its own. Later versions of this throw in a few double-strums to keep you on your toes, too.

The verses are mostly straight eighth affairs, but have fills between fret changes and other slight variations to keep the song fun.

Then we get to the bridge, which is mainly focused on guitar and vocals again. You're inactive for a noticeable amount of time, then when you come back in you're playing a noticeably different strum pattern of the chorus, with a few bass chords to punctuate.

I feel all the rhythms, thanks to the energy of this song, are pretty fun and never really wear out their welcome all that much. But the breaks for bass are really noticeable and take away from the enjoyment on a tangible level.

Absolutely fantastic on guitar, though, if you play that as well it's a no-brainer.

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One of the greatest guitar songs ever Caleb
It's seriously freaking awesome.
This song brings with it a lot of fret movement, and two great solos. And plus it's a great song overall.
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