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Released January 11, 2011 for Rock Band
Linkin Park 01
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Genre: Nu-Metal
Album: Hybrid Theory (2000)

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Ah, the memories m2cks
I am sure many of us can recall the time when we were (or still are) an angst-ridden, emotionally confused teenager and thus listened to appropriate music to match our "feelings". Oh, the delicate feelings! When I was feeling especially angry at life or the like, I would pull up the ol' iTunes and listen to my favorite band at the time. See where I am going with this? Yes, I had a Linkin Park phrase, and just for that little glimpse of nostalgia, I bought the whole pack.

This song in particular is what people seem to focus on when they think of/mock Linkin Park and their hordes of teenage fans. Now, that is a little unfair to judge a band off of one song, even though the song itself is actually quite fine. It certainly wasn't my favorite off of Hybrid Theory, but still it sufficed to get the angry message across.

BUT I digress- the chart itself varies from high-pitched shouting during the chorus and and moody, low-pitched singing during the verses. Standard stuff, yes, but I will give a little warning on the verses- they can go a little too low for some people (I myself can barely hit the phrases). And so the song repeats itself until the end, in which it ends on some long sustains. Pretty easy stuff for any vocalist.

Harmonies, on the other hand, are a blast, for they constantly intertwine with each other, with one spitting out Mr. Shinoda's raps while the other sings Mr. Bennington's lines. By the end, the singers face an overlapped outro, with one singing the sustains while the other battles with the repeating lines of the chorus. Really awesome stuff; it is a good example of harmonies not just sticking to just simple harmonizing phrases but having the other singer(s) sing different lines altogether, which ultimately makes the experience more enjoyable.

Overall, the song is nothing special in solo, but because of the awesome experience one could have in harmonies mode, this song gets a strong rating.
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Ugh Caleb
I knew this song would suck to play.
Boy was I right.

This song consists of blue root note alt-strums on the verses, and chord alt-strums on the chorus.


That's it.


Ummm....enjoyable if you like the song....but, whatever.

So yeah
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