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Released July 10, 2012 for Rock Band
Daughtry 01
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Genre: Rock
Album: Break the Spell (2011)

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Decent for a lower tier keys chat. Poinkish
Whilst "Crawling Back To You" isn't anything particularly special on keys, there is one bit of praise I will give it. For a keys song on the lower end of the difficulty spectrum, it's nowhere near as sparse as a lot of other charts that share the same difficulty.

It all kicks off with a string of steadily tapped single note keys that ascend up and down the keyboard from orange to red and vice versa, not a bad start. It then transitions into a series of long single key, and two key sustains. This pattern goes on for most of the song but it's consistent all the way through at least, which is more than I can say for a lot of the keys charts out there. Not bad.
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Not bad. Poinkish
"Crawling Back To You" has a pretty stereotypical bassline that you'd expect from this type of song, it mostly consists of steadily strummed rows of single notes that move up and down the fretboard at a fairly brisk pace, it's pretty run of the mill, but there is one thing I'll give the song credit for, and that's the fact that there's some fairly fun hammer-on strings littering the chart. It does a decent job of keeping you engaged throughout which is more than I can say for other songs of this type.
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A solid Guitar chart. Poinkish
The best word to describe "Crawling Back To You" would be "adequate". There's honestly nothing that really sets this song apart from most of the DLC available for rock band.

It's basically split into 3 parts, the first part consists of a series of chords that come steadily down at you, with some single notes to hit in between lane switches when moving your fingers up to hit the next series of chords.

Then between these chordy parts you get a basic series of slowly strummed single notes that ascending up and down the fretboard with an occasional hammer-on throw in every now and then. After that, it transitions into a lot of steady strumming concentrating on throwing rows of single notes at you.

Rinse and repeat until the end. It's nothing special, but if you enjoy the song, the charts engaging enough.
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