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Released December 8, 2008 for Rock Band
Rock Band 2 Bonus
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Genre: Pop-Rock
Album: You Are Here (2008)

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Blitz my chakras GEROMY
The guitar in this song sounds pretty nice, but it's not very fun to play.

The chart is dominated by sustains; chord sustains during the verses, single note sustains elsewhere. The most interesting part of the song is a chord-strumming section in the middle where you strum single notes and occasionally a G-B chord or two at a tempo that I found kinda weird.

Not all that great; you could probably skip it if you're a guitarist.
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thetwono3star Karmeleaux
This song actually has some pleasant surprises for a zero-dot bass.

The main verse rhythm involve four green or red notes before a reach to three orange notes, the first being a half note. Sometimes there's an orange (or rarely another color) pick-up back into the green or red note, and in later verses there's some variations on the strum pattern. Furthermore, on the fourth repetition it's yellow notes to blue, before a scale from green all the way to orange(!) back into the first bar.

The chorus is fairly simple, but has a lot of variation in it. The premise is a pick-up of one color into two half-notes of another (including some green orange stretches again), but many times there's an extra quarter note in there. Many times the second half note is a sustain. It's not much, but it keeps you on your toes compared to the alternative.

It's also worth mentioning the second verse has an entirely different rhythm, though mostly for the sake of mentioning a notable change. It's actually the simplest part of the song, GG G~~~ kind of stuff that later moves up to yellow, but this also involves the song's most interesting fill, including the song's one and only pull-off.

As I said, it's surprising for such a slow song and low tier one to have some of these things, but ultimately it IS a slow song and it is pretty simple. People who aren't familiar with the song won't really be so engaged, though if you have this song you got it for free so moot point.

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IMO, the best of the free songs sageamagoo
This is the only song out of the free RB2 20 pack that gets any play. Mostly because I just happen to like the song. Not particularly difficult, just fun to sing along to.
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