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Released June 19, 2010 for Rock Band

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Genre: Alternative
Album: Kiev (2009)
Author: RockGamer

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Surprisingly good! Caleb
I was skeptic of this song at first, but it quickly turned into one of my favorite songs for guitar.

The verse riff is mainly a series of hopos scales, which are played at a moderate pace. Then you got this groovy beat kind of riff that goes on afterwards.

The song is kind of hard to explain, a lot of it is in a random kind of pattern. But it's fun because it can keep you guessing.

The guitar solo was the best part. It was weird, because I thought I was playing piano. But you got a lot of fast hammer on parts, some scales and a series of quick descending scales at the end of it that could catch you off guard.

This song was insanely fun to play, and I will be checking out more Kiev in the future. It's only a buck, buy it!
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Cannot recommend enough Oscarvarium
This song is one of RBN's hidden treasures. Every instrument is exceptionally fun to play. Kiev have an amazing dynamic range unlike most other bands around and this makes playing the song in the game an incredible experience.

The super-mellow intro/first verse makes way for a funky main riff which is really fun to bounce along to. The second verse is bluesy and ballsy which fits the music really well and is followed by a soaring chorus/refrain. The whole songs swings up and down like this, building to two breathless crescendos in the guitar solo and the outro.
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