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Released November 29, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Hiphoprap
Album: Crusader (2007)
Author: OffbeatEntertainment

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Reviews (1) >> Review by Caleb (Bass) Show:
Best Bass of the RBN? Certainly up there! Caleb
Who would'a known? This song kicks ass!

Not only is it good on keys and guitar, but the bass is amazing!
You've got a bouncy gallop-y riff throughout most of the song, which mimics guitar pretty well. Every post-chorus is an awesome ho/po riff that goes up and down the board.

And the bridge....This is after the guitar solo, there is A FREAKING BASS SOLO. Not only was I not expecting it, but it was incredibly fun to play with scales and cool patterns that seemed uncharacteristic for the song, but still managed to be awesome.

The rest of the song is cake.

Damn, definitely get this song. It's great on everything!
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