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Released November 20, 2012 for Rock Band

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Genre: Metal
Album: The Power Within (2012)

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I hate the Pro Keys chart of this song. It's just a bunch of sustains and it gets boring after 1 minute in. The LEGACY keys, however, is full of variety.

It still has sustains, yes, but it also has a bunch of HO/PO's after the first chorus. Other than the sustains, it's actually really fun. I don't know why the Pro Keys has less notes, though......

Buy it.
12.27.16 5:16am 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
Stop crying SlayerIsTheStuff
The Bass charts for Operation Ground and Pound and Through the Fire and Flames are fun, but they're mainly fast strumming. This song is completely different.

There is a bunch of strumming, but it also has a bunch of HO/PO's going thoughout the song. It is really fun and has your hands moving up and down the neck.

A perfect example of the best way to make a power metal Bass chart without relying on fast strumming.
12.26.16 6:30pm 0 Replies | Reply 0 Relevance
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